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8th June 2020

This month in Uruguay – celebrating the oceans!

A lively agenda of talks, virtual roundtables and children’s activities is marking a world oceans month in Uruguay, thanks to our local partner OCC (Org. for Cetacean Conservation). Accompanied by… Read More

7th June 2020

We’re Hiring: Office & Learning Centre Administrator

We’re looking for an experienced Administrator to join our small team, for the Gaia office and learning centre. A description of the role and all the information you need to… Read More

24th March 2020

How to share… Custodians of Life

This document provides guidance and suggested social media posts for those wishing to share the new film from The Gaia Foundation and partners – Custodians of Life: Reviving Culture and… Read More

23rd July 2019

Oceans Conference in Uruguay: “are you listening”?

“It is time to listen to the oceans” – will be one of the messages at the first ever Oceans Conference to be hosted in Uruguay, where marine specialists will… Read More

22nd March 2019

‘Water is Life’ Toolkit- New online platform to support water defenders resisting mining

Media Release. 22/03/2019 – World Water Day 2019   “You cannot separate the land from the water, or the people from the land.” – Lynn Noel. On World Water Day 2019,… Read More

31st October 2018

Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson: Africa can come back to Life

In this personal reflection, Zimbabwean writer, activist and Earth Jurisprudence practitioner-in-training Gertrude Pswarayi-Jabson reflects on the importance of reviving Africa’s rich cultural and spiritual practices. At a time of climate change… Read More

4th October 2018

Global voices in Quito, calling for the Rights of Nature

Within sight of the snow-capped Cotopaxi volcano, in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito, Gaia joined activists, academics, indigenous leaders and students, for an historic International Rights of Nature Symposium, 27th-28th… Read More

23rd July 2018

The decree that recognizes indigenous governance of the Colombian Amazon

As a follow-up to the news we shared back in April of the groundbreaking decree that has brought recognition to indigenous governance in the Colombian Amazon, we share with you… Read More

8th June 2018

Street art in Montevideo – and a plea for Healthy Oceans

A vibrant, painted mural in central Montevideo, Uruguay, is attracting attention from the public and media alike, about the devastation from human activities on the oceans – from overfishing and… Read More

20th April 2018

African Earth Jurisprudence graduate speaking at the United Nations

Method Gundidza, from Zimbabwe, one of the first graduates from Gaia’s training for African Earth Jurisprudence practitioners, joins international panelists at the 8th Interactive Dialogue of the UN General Assembly… Read More