Our Vision

The Gaia Foundation envisages a new era in which humans are living in a respectful, just and mutually enhancing relationship with the Earth, with all her life forms and with each other. 

We are committed to…

Southern Double-collared Sunbird

Reviving and protecting cultural and biological diversity in order to restore resilience for ecosystems and local communities, across connected landscapes.

Enhancing traditional knowledge and practices for land, seed, food and water sovereignty, thereby enabling communities to determine their own locally and culturally appropriate pathways.

Linking with social movements who together can challenge the industrial growth economy and promote pathways for systemic transformation.

Speaking out for ‘Gaia’ – Mother Earth – and the rights of future generations of all species, yet to inhabit this planet.

Restoring a respectful relationship with, and a holistic understanding of, our one planet Earth.

Celebrating and re-weaving the web of Life, which sustains us all.

We believe that…

Dancing in Limpopo Province, South Africa

Mutually enhancing relationships are based on respect, reciprocity and intimacy; we nurture affectionate alliances and long term commitments across all our partnerships.

As communities become more resilient to climate change and other pressures, they become active agents in the transformation of the industrial growth economy, which has caused the many crises we now face.

The power to challenge the dominant forces at play in the world today lies in the cooperation and convergence of social movements working in solidarity for a just and equitable world for humans and the wider Earth community.

Small is beautiful and we can be most effective by remaining small, agile and responsive. Our size is amplified through collaboration and affectionate alliances.


We Strive to…

Vaupes, Colombia. Photo by Sergio Bartelsman

Live with ecological integrity through nurturing our relationship with Nature as teacher.

Live healthy, responsible and resilient lives at home and in our work.

Connect ideas, people, organisations, movements and networks in diverse and creative ways in order to encourage collaboration and a holistic world view.

Celebrate the rich diversity of life on our beautiful planet; our one and only home.

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We live in a time of multiple, complex crises. There are no easy answers. Working to uphold the health and diversity of our living planet is always rewarding, but we think you’ll agree it can sometimes feel like swimming against the stream. And yet like salmon we leap, and more often than you might expect, we make it. We invite you to make the next leap with us by making a donation of any size. Thank you for your solidarity.

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