A lively agenda of talks, virtual roundtables and children’s activities is marking a world oceans month in Uruguay, thanks to our local partner OCC (Org. for Cetacean Conservation). Accompanied by oceanographers and marine biologists, local fishermen, educators, activists and policy makers, they are drawing new audiences to appreciate the wonder and beauty of the oceans and seas… and to take action.

We live with our backs to the ocean and forget that the origin of life came from the sea – Rodrigo Garcia, OCC

The deep blue waters off Uruguay’s Atlantic coast are one of the most productive aquatic systems in the world, and provide a natural habitat and migratory route for whales, dolphins, seals, sealions, fish and seabirds – though many of these species are threatened or endangered. This month-long programme and the mix of presenters and issues – from marine biodiversity to the healing powers of nature – forms part of OCC’s goal to motivate policies and public actions, to not just look to the oceans but to keep them healthy for future generations of all species.

@oceanosanos / @org.conservacioncetaceos for more detail on each event. Sessions are in Spanish only.
(* all times shown are local Uruguay time, UCT -3hs)

Monday 8th June (3pm / 5pm / 7pm)

World Oceans Day: Initiatives for Sustainable Development – taking stock of progress towards UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources. 3-5pm. Click here to register.

Oceans, Youth & Climate Justice
– in conversation with Jóvenes por el Futuro Uruguay, the Uruguayan chapter of the global movement of youth climate activists Fridays for Future. 5pm. Live on Instagram. @oceanosanos

“Un Solo Mar” (One Sea) – in collaboration with Brazil’s Baleia Jubarte project and environmental educational NGO NEMA, the launch of an exciting new project with OCC for effective marine conservation of the Southwest Atlantic. 7pm.  Live on YouTube.

Wednesday 10th June (5pm / 7pm)

Oceanosanos (Healthy Oceans) – in conversation with Uruguayan model, actress and oceans activist, Patricia Wolf. 5pm.

Oceans, Youth & Climate Justice
– a collaborative event with Ashoka and the Argentina chapter of the global movement of youth climate activists Fridays for Future. 7pm. Live on Instagram.

Friday 12th June (6pm)

Marine Biodiversity – a fascinating look at Uruguay’s native and ocean fish species. OCC is joined by Alejo Irigoyen, Argentinean researcher with CESIMAR-CONICET, and Dr. Andrés Milessi, Uruguayan marine biologist. 6pm.

Monday 15th June (6pm)

El Oceano Sana (The Ocean Heals). In conversation with Alejandro Corchs from Uruguay, best-selling author, medicine man, and co-founder of Purificación, a centre for psycho-spiritual development. 6pm.

Friday 19th June (6pm)

Marine Biodiversity – taking a close look at sharks and rays, with Dr. Robert Vögler, Uruguayan marine scientist and oceanographer, and Dr. Juan Martín Cuevas, a marine biologist specialising in cartilaginous fish. 6pm.

Saturday 20th June (daytime)

Children’s activities with Las Valijas de Lola y Leo – creative and fun kits for learning.

Monday 22nd June (6pm)

El Oceano Sana (The Ocean Heals). In conversation with Dinorah Lares, founding Director of CetHums, a learning centre deepening our understanding of human-ocean connections, and Patricia Furtado, the founder of Acqua Mater (Mother Water) that promotes artistic, educational and social projects for a new ocean literacy. 6pm.

Tuesday 23rd June (6pm)

Communicating about the oceans during the covid pandemic. A virtual roundtable with two leading journalists and media consultants, both immersed in helping the shift in hearts and minds for healthy oceans – Florencia Lemoine with WCS-Argentina, and Inés Pereyra with OCC. 6pm.

Friday 26th June (6pm)

Marine Biodiversity – a chance to learn about Mission Blue Hope Spots (of which Uruguay is one!) with Max Bello, from Chile, a world-renowned ocean policy and marine conservation expert, who is current part of the legendary Dr. Sylvia Earle’s team of Mission Blue, inspiring action to explore and protect the ocean. 6pm.

Saturday 27th June (7pm)

Join the OCC Netflix Party and watch the brilliant documentary “Mission Blue”. 7pm.


Gaia is proud to work alongside OCC in Uruguay and its dedicated work, through policy, education and the arts, for marine conservation, sustainable fishing and the creation of offshore marine protected areas.

For more information, visit the new OCC website – www.occ.org.uy