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25th June 2020

Josh Test Blog Post

Test Heading Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Proin ullamcorper vestibulum imperdiet. Nulla facilisi. In tincidunt ex sapien, ac sagittis nisl efficitur quis. Integer dignissim aliquet metus, quis… Read More

22nd June 2020

We’re going on an Oat Quest…

Restoring seed diversity and farmers’ sovereignty over the seeds they grow is key to realising a just, equitable, nutritious and climate-change-resilient food system now and in the future. This is… Read More

8th June 2020

This month in Uruguay – celebrating the oceans!

A lively agenda of talks, virtual roundtables and children’s activities is marking a world oceans month in Uruguay, thanks to our local partner OCC (Org. for Cetacean Conservation). Accompanied by… Read More

7th June 2020

We’re Hiring: Office & Learning Centre Administrator

We’re looking for an experienced Administrator to join our small team, for the Gaia office and learning centre. A description of the role and all the information you need to… Read More

4th June 2020

Koitajoki: flagship re-wilding of a Finnish river gets underway

In this article our Finnish partners Snowchange announce the launch of a new, world-leading effort to re-wild the Finnish-Russian Koitajoki River System using a combination of science and traditional knowledge…. Read More

3rd June 2020

In the press: How the mining industry is profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic

The mining industry has abused the pandemic to turn a profit and advance their interests, putting land and water protectors at greater risk of harm, writes Gaia’s Hannibal Rhoades in… Read More

2nd June 2020

Voices From the Ground: how the global mining industry is profiting from the COVID-19 pandemic

While fossil fuels, aviation and other dirty industry’s have found themselves in the spotlight during COVID-19, to-date the mining industry has received little scrutiny. But this doesn’t mean mining companies… Read More

21st May 2020

International Day for Biodiversity: Indigenous and local communities nurture life

“There is no God bigger than the sun, the moon, the air and the water… No matter how tall our buildings get and how high in the sky we fly, if… Read More

14th May 2020

The wisdom of Jose Lutzenberger, ecological visionary

“A healthy civilisation can only be one that harmonises with and integrates into the totality of life, enhancing not demolishing it.”  Today, 14th May 2020, marks 18 year since we said goodbye to our remarkable… Read More

21st April 2020

5 Ways to Nurture Life on Earth Day 2020

On April 22nd Gaia and our global network of allies will celebrate an extra-special 50th Anniversary Earth Day. Though every day, in every way, is an Earth Day, we’ll be… Read More