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1st March 2020

Snowchange: Training the next generation of ice fishermen

In a new interactive story, Gaia’s Finnish partner organisation the Snowchange Cooperative share their efforts to train young people in Finland’s ancient ice-fishing traditions, as the impacts of climate change… Read More

28th February 2020

BBC takes up our ‘Oat Quest’

Gaia’s Wales Seed Sovereignty Coordinator, Katie Hastings, and growers across Wales are on a quest to find small-scale, low-tech ways of processing the rare welsh oat varieties being revived by… Read More

19th February 2020

PRESS RELEASE: New report names top British companies responsible for toxic mining legacies

Mining companies are trying to reinvent themselves as the deliverers of clean, green, sustainable minerals and metals needed in the renewable transition. But a new report from London Mining Network,… Read More

18th February 2020

In Defence of Life: the story of Cajamarca, Colombia

Deep in the embrace of the Colombian Andes Mountains Earth defenders from Cajamarca have stopped a vast gold mine, re-valued the ‘true treasures’ in their territory and begun to develop… Read More

8th January 2020

Documentary: The Finnish village restoring climate-critical ecosystems

“Humans will only succeed by pulling together.” In a new 12-minute mini-documentary from BBC Newsnight, Tero Mustonen, from Gaia partner organisation the Snowchange Cooperative, shares how Finnish villagers from Selkie… Read More

7th January 2020

Our Rare Welsh Oats: reviving heritage grain in Wales

Originally published by The A Team Foundation By Katie Hastings, Seed Sovereignty Programme Regional Coordinator for Wales at the Gaia Foundation. On a sharp day on the cliffs of the… Read More

18th December 2019

Chico Mendes Vive!

The 22nd of December marks 31 years since the assassination of Chico Mendes, the Amazonian rubber tapper who was killed for his tireless work to defend the rainforest that was his home,… Read More

17th December 2019

Rewilding Finland after mining

Originally published by REDweb and The Ecologist, this story from Gaia’s Finnish partner organisation the Snowchange Cooperative explores how the community of Selkie is leading the restoration of rivers, lakes… Read More

18th November 2019

It’s Seed Week!

Seeds lie at the heart of our food systems and much of life on Earth. If we want to enjoy nutritious, healthy food for all in a climate-changed world, we… Read More

21st October 2019

Water is Life: African Earth Jurisprudence Practitioners share their stories in webinar

In late September, three graduates from Gaia’s trainings for African Earth Jurisprudence Practitioners participated in a webinar on the theme ‘Water is Life’, hosted by the Global Alliance for the… Read More