A sign declaring Intag, Ecuador, a mining-free zone by popular decree. DECOIN

A how-to guide for resisting mining and extractivism anywhere and everywhere.

Written by Carlos Zorilla, a community organiser and anti-extractive campaigner from Intag, Ecuador, this is a how-to guide for resisting mining.

Distilling Carlos and his community’s experiences, drawn from several decades resisting a copper mine in Ecuador’s cloud forests, this guide is a key tool for any community that finds itself threatened by mining. It includes a discussion of:

  • Early warning signs- is your community being considered for mining?
  • How to avoid community division and counter corporate divide-and conquer tactics before mining occurs.
  • The importance of documentation, legal challenges and building networks to stop mining projects.

Read the full guide online (pdf). 

Read the five-page briefing online (pdf).

Please share this guide with anyone you know who is resisting mining!